Natural Tips for Fighting and Preventing a Cold this Winter Season

ImageWhen the seasons change, it is very common & typical to see massive amounts of people coughing, sneezing, clearing their throats, etc. Everywhere. The workplace, the classroom, and your home! It is also common just to see people getting sick around the holidays; esp with the stress of holiday hustle & bustle. The first sign of a cold is usually a sore throat or pain in the back of the neck; if you don’t treat these symptoms immediately, there is usually no way to fight them from turning into something nastier!! Here are some natural tips for cold & flu season:

*Go get an Acupuncture treatment at your local clinic or private Acupuncturist immediately! The sooner the better. The practitioner will be able to give you Chinese herbal remedies & acupuncture to Kick it !

* Drink Peppermint tea. I love using peppermint essential oil because its SUPER concentrated & will cool down a sore throat/fever right away. 1 drop of peppermint oil is ALL YOU NEED… Add lemon & raw honey!

* Try to use a Neti Pot 1x a day if you are exposed to a lot of people & germs. This will clear out your sinus cavity and keep bacteria from clinging to your hairs in your nose.

* Homemade chicken stock or bone broth. Yes chicken soup works, the “Jewish penicillin”. There are many recipes on the web. Make sure you use organic, free- range chicken , adding scallions, & ginger (giving it extra immune boosting power).

* Use Young Livings Thieves products. They have spray, household cleaner, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, mouthwash, the Essential Oil and more. Thieves is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and rosemary.  It kills 99.95% of airborne bacteria, viruses, and fungi. I would rub it on the bottoms of my feet, gargle with it, and diffuse it in an essential oils diffuser during cold season.

*If you do get sick, a great homemade cough syrup: (so much better than that chemical laden crap from the drugstore!!)

-1 drop of lemon Essential Oil

-1-2 drops of Thieves Essential Oil

-1 Drop of Frankincense

-1 drop of Peppermint

-1 teaspoon of honey

*to make a larger batch to put into a 6-8 oz glass jar, adjust to about 10 drops of lemon, 5 drops of Thieves, and however much you want of the Frankincense & peppermint