Pain Management, Essential Oils and Acupuncture


When it comes to acute or chronic pain, the options a you are usually given by your MD usually include surgery, cortisone injections, heating packs, physical therapy, and heavy duty pain killers. Pain management is important for ongoing pain control, to eliminate the pain, not just to mask it! Essential Oils, Acupuncture, and diet change (well, I could go on forever.. that’s a whole other blog post) will alter the root of the problem of the pain, not just mask the symptoms. Whether it be emotional , physical, mental or almost always a combination of all of these elements, Chinese Medicine & plant medicinals address the ‘root’ of the problem, not just the ‘branch.’

Acupuncture  works to restore harmony and energetic balance. The treatment utilized in Chinese medicine and Acupuncture is unique to each patient.  According to TCM {Traditional Chinese Medicine} , pain is caused by the stagnation of Qi {energy}, Blood {known as ‘Xue’}, and a blockage of meridians {causing pain}. Acupuncture works to remove these blockages along meridian pathways in the body, and once the blockage is remove, the pain is gone, the Qi and Blood flow restored. Acupuncture stimulates acu-points, which are along these ‘merdians’ or pathways in the body, at shallow or deep levels. This stimulates and moves Qi and Xue. This not only removes blockages in the channel, but regulates the internal organs to influence vital energy of the overall body. By promoting Qi circulation, you are promoting blood circulation, influencing tissue repair, removing blood stasis, easing muscle spasms, and decreasing inflammation & swelling in the area of injury.

Also, the incorporation of essential oils for pain management is becoming an increasingly common means of treating pain and a body of relevant research is growing rapidly. Young Living  Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are being used by health professionals around the world and in many major hospitals (Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC, Valley Hospital in  NJ,etc). I use these oils in conjunction with my acupuncture needles to help my patients. However, the best part about utilizing essential oils in your treatments is that anyone anywhere can use them at home! Remember, oils you purchase from the health food store are just fragrance grade, will not work, and can be POISONOUS to take internally!  Young Living is the only company I trust to use on my patients. Here are some of my Young Living  favorites:

PANAWAY- reduces inflammation, increases circulation & healing. Many people have had relief from arthritis, sports injuries, sprains, muscle spasms, bumps, & bruises

COPAIBA- one of my favorite oils…South American sourced essential oil for aiding digestion & supporting the body’s natural response to injury or irritation. Many people have found this oil wonderful for any inflammation or inflammatory condition in their body

HELICHRYSUM- has anti-coagulant properties, Has been said to regenerate nerve tissue & improves circulation. Has a stimulating effect on nerve endings to improve conditions such as hearing loss

WINTERGREEN- 98% methyl salicylate (aka pain relief and infllamtion cortisone-like activity). Beneficial for bone, joint, and muscle support. Contains the same active ingredient as birch and is beneficial in massage for soothing head tension and muscles after exercising .

IDAHO BALSAM FIR-anti-inflammatory, traditionally used for muscular aches & pains. Calms the body, mind, emotions, & roots your center…


I also love their DEEP RELIEF, STRESS AWAY, and TRANQUIL roll-ons , especially for anxious patients!


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